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New Gay Rights Campaign in Public Schools
A new campaign to increase acceptance of homosexuality takes advantage of taxpayer-funded public schools and the students who attend them. H8SUX.com, which launched on March 14, promises to send a free pro-gay T-shirt to any teen who will make a YouTube video pledging to speak out in support of gay marriage and against homophobia at school.

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The viral marketing campaign will immediately look familiar to those familiar with the hit television show Glee, and makes use of the TOMS Shoes model of activism already popular with teens. The web site features a Glee-inspired video in which teens wearing T-shirts that announce its "OK4U2BGAY" tell viewers their T-shirt purchase will help end bullying and suicide. For every shirt purchased by an adult, H8SUX.com will send a similar shirt to a high school student. The site also explains that teens need not get their parents' permission to receive a free T-shirt — a fact that is particularly alarming given founder Luke Montgomery's statements about using students to spread the gay agenda:

We are recruiting kids to the cause of promoting the acceptance of homosexuality in schools. In a world full of bullies, suicide and hate, thousands of school kids wearing a pro-gay message in classrooms can be lifesaving and great. . . . This free T-shirt will be a pro-gay billboard plastered on the chests of thousands of kids in classrooms across the nation. Our agenda is simple: to tell kids that it's "OK4U2BGAY." H8SUX.com is all about giving kids, gay and straight, the power to speak out against hate — and get a cool free T-shirt while doing it. Everyone says 'It gets better' — this makes it better.

The company will also visit schools directly:

A pink school bus traveling the nation school-to-school giving away thousands of free "OK4U2BGAY" tees to teens to fight homo-H8?! Heck yeah! Soon H8SUX.com will be loading up a team of activists and zillions of free tees and going to some of the nation's worst homo-H8 hotspots and doing free T-shirt giveaways outside schools and in front of media cameras.

The website gives students instructions on how to start a "Gay/STR8 Alliance" club at their school, and offers suggestions for dealing with resistance:

If you experience resistance about forming a GSA, remind administrators that forming a GSA club is protected under the Federal Equal Access Act. . . . Some people who might want to join your GSA might not be as brave as you, so pick a private place around school to meet. . . . Keep your head up if your posters are defaced. Remember — LGBTQ kids probably feel a little safer, just by seeing the materials around school.

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