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Advocates for religious liberty won an important victory on January 11 when the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a Lutheran school teacher could not sue her employer. The Supreme Court ruled that churches and church organizations enjoy a virtually absolute right to fire individuals under the "ministerial exception" to employment laws, and religious employers are protected from being second-guessed by judges for their employment decisions about who will "carry out their mission." A 4th-grade teacher had threatened to sue the school under the Americans With Disabilities Act over an employment dispute.

A recent Pew Research Center Poll found that a majority of young people favor socialism over capitalism. The poll, published on December 28, found that 49% of 18-29 year olds said they hold a positive view of socialism, while just 43% reported a negative view. Only 46% indicated a positive view of capitalism, and 47% reported a negative view. 18-29 year olds are the only age group in which support for socialism is higher than support for capitalism.

An Atlanta federal appeals court upheld a ruling that an Augusta State University student must keep her biblical views on gays to herself. The University threatened Jennifer Keeton, a graduate school counseling student, with expulsion when she said it would be difficult for her to work with gay clients. Keeton filed a lawsuit claiming the school was punishing her for her Christian views, but courts rejected her challenge. Keeton was asked in May 2010 to attend sensitivity training, read counseling journals, and mix with gays at the gay pride parade.

Los Angeles students are eating more junk food than ever, thanks to the L.A. school district's healthful lunch menu. The award-winning menu, which has been hailed as revolutionary in the fight against youth obesity, diabetes, and other health problems, has not been popular with students. Thousands of students have dropped out of the program, and others report suffering from headaches, stomach pain and anemia due to skipping lunch.

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