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What Will Your Child Learn In School?
To feel good - even though he can't read,
write or calculate?
That's called "Self Esteem."
That he should not try to achieve
excellence because he must stick with the
mediocrity of his class?
That's called "Outcome-Based Education"
or "Cooperative Learning."
That every behavior or lifestyle is acceptable
and must not be criticized?
That's called "Diversity" and "Tolerance."
That America is a bad and oppressive nation?
That's called "Multiculturalism" or
"National History Standards."
To make his own decisions, without adult
direction, about which kinds of sex and drugs
to do?
That's called "Values Clarification"
or "Decision Making."
To criticize his parents' morals and religion as
That's called "Critical Thinking."
To guess at words (instead of sounding them
out) and skip over words he doesn't know?
That's called "Whole Language."
That it's OK to spell words any way he
That's called "Inventive Spelling."
To look to the school to provide all his
medical care?
That's called "School-Based Clinics."
To confide in school counselors instead of in parents?
That's called "Guidance."
What Will School-To-Work Do To My Child?
Train him to be a compliant worker under supervision - instead of encourage him to read all he can read, and be all he can be.

Require him to take a curriculum that prepares him for jobs selected by "workforce development boards" - instead of teaching him basic knowledge and skills such as reading, writing, history, math, and science.

Dictate his future employment by using computers and counselors to do "job matching," usually as early as middle school.

Grade him primarily on attitudes, behaviors, predictions, teamwork, and "political correctness" instead of on objective knowledge.

Define him as a "human resource" to serve the global economy - instead of a free citizen who aspires to live the American dream.

Issue him a Work Card called a Certificate of Initial Mastery (CIM) or Smart Card - instead of a high school diploma.

What Is The Purpose Of These Changes?
To assist those who seek to plan and manage our national economy (e.g., Robert Reich, Ira Magaziner, David Rockefeller Jr., Marc Tucker) to federalize the public schools under the joint control of the U.S. Departments of Labor and Education, in order to use the schools as training institutions to serve future workforce needs as predicted by government officials. Marc Tucker, in his famous 18-page "Dear Hillary" letter, described this master plan -

"to remold the entire American [education] system" into "a seamless web that literally extends from cradle to grave and is the same system for every one," coordinated by "a system of labor market boards at the local, state and federal levels" where curriculum and "job matching" will be handled by counselors "accessing the integrated computer- based program."

But central economic planning is a failure all over the world and always spells the end of individual freedom! Americans do not want their children to be pawns in this giant and expensive experiment!

How Can I Tell If My School Is Using School-To-Work?
Listen for the telltale jargon: School-to-Work, School-to-Careers, Career Awareness, restructuring, performance-based, outcome-based, cooperative learning, group grading, teamwork, peer tutoring, job shadowing, mentoring, job profiles, portfolios, job site visits.

Watch for the branding of children with ugly labels that will haunt them all their lives: "at risk" or "learning disabled." Remember, labeling children makes more money available to the school. Labeling the child means blaming the child for the problem.

What Can You Do?
  1. Tell your Congressman to get the feds out of the classroom. Defund School-to- Work, Goals 2000, and all laws that put job training or data collection in the schools, or that bypass elected officials. Capitol Switchboard: (202) 225-3121.

  2. Tell your State Legislators to repeal all requirements for School-to-Work and National Standards. Tell them to sign letters protesting Congress's bypassing of State Legislatures.

  3. Teach your child to read so he can't be dumbed down by the schools. Order Phyllis Schlafly's Turbo Reader @ $49.95 + shipping, 1-800-700-5228. If your child has finished first grade, send for the First Reading Test to find out for yourself whether your child learned how to read. Single copy free.

  4. Tell your child not to answer any questions about feelings, attitudes, sex, drugs, suicide, social security number, or what goes on inside your family.

  5. Don't sign any permit for the school to give your child any medical examination or treatment.

  6. Report first-hand experiences with School-to-Work by calling 1-800-736-3202 or E-mail: eagle@eagleforum.org.

  7. Distribute this flier widely. $10 per 100 copies. Show your friends the video Crisis in the Classroom.
Sources Of More Information:
The Phyllis Schlafly Report, 50 cents each, $10 per 100 copies.

Crisis in the Classroom, Eagle Forum's powerful video documentary, 60 minutes, $25.

Education Reporter, monthly newspaper, subscription: $25 a year.

Child Abuse in the Classroom, Phyllis Schlafly's best-selling book, $8.

Conference on Goals 2000, Feb. 12, 1997, Washington, DC, 15 speakers, 5 hours. 3 videos: $60; 6 audios: $40.

School-to- Work Opportunities Act
Goals 2000: Educate America Act

Ask your Congressman for copies of these two 1994 laws or download them to your computer from the U.S. Department of Education at: http://www.ed.gov

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