Eagle Forum
Eagle Forum Spokesmen on National Issues
 Collegians & TeensRyan Hite314-721-1213Ryan@eagleforum.org
Develop conferences, programs, contacts, publications, website
 Constitution StudiesCherilyn Eagar 
 Constitution ChangesJanine Hansen775-397-6859director@nevadafamilies.org
Oppose Constitutional Convention, National Popular Vote, Electoral College Changes.
Andy SchlaflyCourt DecisionsAndy Schlafly908-719-8608aschlafly@aol.com
Eagle Forum's amicus briefs
 Court WatchVirginia Armstrong325-698-9221 CourtWatch@eagleforum.org
Judicial philosophy and court nominations.
 EnvironmentalismPat Carlson817-819-8020pat-carlson@sbcglobal.net
Oppose restrictions on private property and national sovereignty.
Pat AndrewsGamblingPat Andrews636-532-1597airishpat@mpandrews.us
Oppose Gambling and its social costs, CasinoWatch.org
Cathie AdamsTreaties and U.N. IssuesCathie Adams972-523-8551 cathieadams@me.com
Threats to U.S. sovereignty from UN conferences, treaties, and trade agreements
Sandy McDadePolitical ChairmanSandy McDade mcdade.sandy@gmail.com
 PornographyLois Linton636-207-0675lslntn@att.net
Dangers from pornography and pornography addiction
Sharee LangensteinReligious LibertySharee Langensteinconventof6@yahoo.com
Republican LiaisonCarolyn McLarty580-989-3258clmclarty@yahoo.com
 VaccinesBarbara Skurnowicz skurnowb@aol.com
mandated vaccines; expose effects and conflicts of interest
Cooperating Organizations


Andy Schlafly908-719-8608aschlafly@aol.com
RNC/Life Maintains the pro-life plank in the Republican Platform, establishes a pro-life presence at Republican National Conventions; holds Republican officials faithful to the Platform.
Elaine DonnellyMilitary ReadinessElaine Donnelly202-347-5333elaine@cmrlink.org
Center for Military Readiness — gender issues that interfere with military readiness
 AbstinenceScott Phelps847-537-3417 
A & M Partnership — resources on Abstinence and Marriage
 Common CoreEunie Smithalaeagle@charter.net
 Common CoreGayle Ruzickadgruzicka@msn.com
 Common Core Orlean Koehlecaleagle@sbcglobal.net
 Common CoreKaren Effremdockaren@effrem.us
 EducationDonna Hearne636-386-1789freedombasics@sbcglobal.net
annual conference on education called Constitutional Coalition
 English LanguageSuzanne Bibbysuzannebibby@proenglish.org
 ObamaCareAndy Schlafly908-719-8608aschlafly@aol.com
 ObamaCareTwila Brasetwila@cchfreedom.org
 Remembrance ProjectMaria Espinoza281-236-7580director@TheRemembranceProject.org
Honors & remembers Americans killed by illegal aliens through the "Stolen Lives Quilt" project.
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