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In order to be an active member of Eagle Forum, you need to be well informed yourself — and your friends need to be well informed, too. The easy way to build up an informed local membership is to show Eagle Forum's DVDs, listen to Eagle Forum's sound cassettes, and read Phyllis Schlafly's reports. Pass out our materials and encourage your friends to join the most effective pro-family group in America today.

Send me the following DVDs (for DVD player or computer with DVD drive):
10 Books That Screwed Up the World: And 5 Others That Didn't Help
Dr. Benjamin Wiker speech at Eagle Forum Collegians Leadership Summit. July 2008 — 32 min.
Pursuing the North American Agenda
Phyllis Schlafly Speech. 2007 — 35 min.
The Supremacists: The Tyranny of Judges
Phyllis Schlafly Speech. Sept. 23, 2006 — 42 min.
How to Stop Supremacist Judges
Phyllis' speech at Eagle Council 2006 — 30 min.
The Tyranny of Judges
Phyllis' interview on EWTN with Johnette Benkovic. Oct. 2006 — 45 min.
The High Costs of Illegal Aliens
Phyllis Schlafly Speech. 2006 — 30 min.
Rejecting the Rule of Supremacist Judges
Phyllis Speech. 2005 — 30 min.
"The Miracle of Our Constitution"
Phyllis' speech to high schoolers. March 2005 — 35 min.
Vietnam to Iraq: The Truth About John Kerry. 2004 —29 min.
"How to Lobby"
This is a series of 17 short presentations by successful Eagle Forum volunteer lobbyists. This DVD is extremely important as an introduction to effective lobbying by ordinary citizens. The short talks present techniques that can be used by anyone. This video runs 2 hours, but any part of it can be shown and any of the 17 presentations can be shown separately. The picture quality is not always good because it was recorded live, but the sound quality is good and the content is excellent. This video is a must for anyone who wants to be a citizen lobbyist. 2000 — 2 hours
COLUMBINE What went wrong?
2001 — 60 min.
The Quiet War Against America's Independence. 1997 — 58 min.
Crisis in the Classroom:
Hidden Agendas and Grassroots Opposition. 1996 — 58 min.
Tribute to Phyllis Schlafly in Song and pictures
1996 — 5 min
Eagle Forum Collegians
1995 — 18 min.
Illiteracy — Its Consequences and Cure
Speech by Phyllis Schlafly. 1994 — 40 min.
On the Wings of an Eagle
The story of Phyllis Schlafly. 1994 — 30 min.
A Night to Remember
Phyllis Schlafly Testimonial Dinner. 1994 — 30 min.
"American Inventors"
Phyllis' speech with illustrations. 1987 — 45 min.
"We the People"
Phyllis' speech on the Constitution with slide show. 1987 — 27 min.
A Look at Eagle Forum
1984 — 30 min.
A More Perfect Union
dramatization of 1787 Constitutional Convention, 111 min. — study instructions.
Child Abuse in the Classroom
based on the same book of the same name — 30 min
Radical Feminism
What feminism is and why it is destructive — 40 min.

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