Take Action! Vote NO on Amnesty!

Take Action! Vote NO on Amnesty!

We cannot allow the politicians to give Amnesty to illegal aliens. Millions of Americans are without jobs now. It is crucial we stop this dangerous scheme to lower all U.S. wages and keep our borders open.

To help defeat this dangerous and radical Amnesty, I have signed the petition below. Please see that my message is delivered to my representatives in Congress.

Take Action! Vote NO on Amnesty!

A “Gang of Eight” Members of Congress met in secret to draft a bill to give Amnesty and eventual citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

  • How will this bill affect you, your family, your neighbors, and your community?
  • Amnesty will take low-skill jobs away from our high school graduates and dropouts.
  • Amnesty will take high-skill jobs away from our own college graduates.
  • Amnesty will cost U.S. taxpayers over $2 trillion.

This is a terrible plan!

  • Democrats are pushing Amnesty because all evidence proves the amnestied persons will vote Democrat.
  • Establishment Republicans are pushing Amnesty because big business wants cheap labor.
  • Most of those amnestied will live below the poverty line and therefore be eligible for some or all of our 79 types of taxpayer cash and benefits handouts.
  • The legislation ignores the law that requires all immigrants to prove they will never be a public charge.
Please vote NO on any Amnesty no matter what it is called.


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