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Education Briefs

Teresa Wagner, a law professor, is suing a former dean at the University of Iowa College of Law (UICL) over what she has termed a “Republicans Need Not Apply” policy. Wagner claims UICL would not hire her because she is a conservative Republican — a claim backed up by statements like the following, from a UICL Associate Dean: “Frankly, one thing that worries me is that some people may be opposed to Teresa serving in any role, in part at least because they so despise her politics.”

When Salecia Johnson threw a tantrum in her Kindergarten class at Creekside Elementary School in Milledgeville, Georgia, the school called the police. Officers handcuffed the 6-year-old and took her to the police station, where a juvenile complaint was filed. The girl’s family has called for city policies to be changed so that other children aren’t treated the same way.

Education officials removed a question from the New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge Test in May after parents complained the question was “outrageous” and pried into private family affairs. 4,000 third graders were asked to reveal a secret and then explain why it was difficult to keep. Richard Goldberg, whose twin 9-year-olds both took the test, told Fox News, “How could you put these children in that position on a test where you are just supposed to be testing whether they can write and spell?”

High schools all over the U.S. will offer prom goers free condoms this year through a program initiated by NuVo Condoms, which distributed 400,000 condoms to high schools in 2011. NuVo, which acknowledges that many of the donated condoms will be used by underage students, has advertised the initiative to school administrators by arguing that “many teenagers are going to have sex after prom anyway.”