Education Briefs

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Education Briefs

Millions of children already eat breakfast and lunch at school each day. Now, thanks to a federally subsidized school dinner program, children in all 50 states can also eat dinner at school. The Child and Adult Care Food Program serves more than 3.2 million children a day. “I am stunned here, because if we’re going to feed kids supper at school . . . why go home?” commented Rush Limbaugh. “All they do at home is sleep!”

The Common Core state education standards already dictate what must be taught in math and language arts classes in 45 states. Next to be enveloped by the Common Core are state science standards. School Reform News editor Joy Pullman wrote in the Washington Times that the new science standards, which 26 states are already working to develop, “integrate global warming and other overplayed worries about human impacts on the planet, starting in kindergarten.”

A high school principal in Wolcott, Connecticut ordered Seth Groody, a Junior, to remove a T-shirt expressing support for traditional marriage. Groody had worn the shirt during a school-wide “Day of Silence” designed to promote acceptance of homosexuality. The shirt depicted a rainbow with a slash through it, and male and female stick figures holding hands above the phrase, “Excessive Speech Day.” The American Civil Liberties Union defended Groody in a letter to Principal Joseph Monroe, saying, “The ACLU has fought hard for same-sex marriage and we couldn’t agree with Seth less on that issue, but he is absolutely correct about his right to express his opinion.”

Teachers in Waterloo, Iowa spent more than $30,000 in federal dollars on steaks, meals at a Hooters restaurant, hotel rooms, and airfare during trips to Las Vegas and St. Louis for teacher training seminars. The federal grant money was awarded to help boost achievement at two of Waterloo’s poorest performing schools.