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Coming Up In December . . . 
Dec. 4 
Ian Fletcher — Free Trade Doesn't Work 
America is running huge trade deficits with strategic rivals and bleeding jobs to cheap laborers in China and India. Is our free trade policy helping or hurting us? An economist will join us to explain why Free Trade Doesnąt Work.

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Dec. 11 
Dinesh D'Souza — The Roots of Obama's Rage 
Many Americans are baffled by President Obama. Does he really want to make America's superpower status a thing of the past? Is he a socialist or a closet Muslim? Our guest has a new explanation for what makes Obama tick.

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Dec. 18 
Brad O'Leary — America's War On Christianity 
The battle over America's Judeo-Christian identity is heating up. We'll get the latest on government attempts to stamp out home-schooling, Christian holidays, Christianity, and even free speech.

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Dec. 25 
Best of Eagle Forum Live with Phyllis Schlafly 
After you've opened all your presents on Christmas Day, join us for good memories. We'll revisit some of our most important topics this year with a Best of Eagle Forum Live program.

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Reforming Our Universities

Everyday in classrooms across America, college students are bullied and belittled for disagreeing with their far-left professors. David Horowitz joined Phyllis on October 30th to talk about his campaign to ensure intellectual freedom for students.

Students are often only exposed to one political point of view in class, and are expected to agree with it. Students told Horowitz about a question on a political science final exam last spring at the University of Massachusetts that illustrates the point: explain why former President Reagan's policies were wrong.

Entire academic departments are really fronts for leftist political movements, explained Horowitz. This trend started in 1969 when armed radicals took over the administration building at Cornell. Eventually, Cornell's president capitulated and allowed them to create a Black Studies department and appoint their own professors. This department provided leftists a beachhead from which they established an "academic" field which has since expanded to many other universities and into other academic departments. The general theme of the lectures and texts assigned by such faculty is that America is a racist, class-based, homophobic society. "These are not professors; they are proselytizers," said Horowitz. "They certainly don't belong in a university."

Horowitz discussed his efforts to implement an Academic Bill of Rights for university students throughout the nation. Though he won some battles, he was ultimately thwarted by the university administrators and the teachers' union.

You can read Horowitz's account of his fight to assure academic freedom in his new book, Reforming Our Universities: The Campaign for an Academic Bill of Rights. Visit eagleforum.org to find a link to the book and to "Students for Freedom," an organization Horowitz founded to help students end political abuse at universities.

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