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Feb. 5 
Paul Kengor — Dupes: How America's Enemies Manipulate Progressives 
Have you ever wondered how some prominent Americans were misled by Communist propaganda during the Cold War? FBI files and Soviet archives reveal who was duped and why it still matters today.

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Feb, 12 
George Allen — What Washington Can Learn From The Sports World 
Former quarterback and Governor George Allen says Washington needs a new playbook. He'll explain what politicians can learn from the world of sports that can put America back on the right track.

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Feb. 19 
Zac Bissonnette — Debt-Free U 
Do you really have to go deeply into debt when you go to college? A college senior shares how he paid for a great education without loans, scholarships or mooching off his parents.

QA with Zac Bissonnette, author of 'Debt-Free U'

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Feb. 26 
Doris Wild Helmering — Women and Marriage 
It used to be hard to get a divorce without a very good reason. Today it is easier to get out of your marriage than your car lease. We'll talk about how women's and men's attitudes on marriage have changed with a therapist who has been counseling couples for thirty-five years.


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77 Non-religious Reasons to
Support Man/Woman Marriage

While devout Christians believe God's Word is sufficient reason to limit marriage to one man and one woman, atheists and activist courts immediately dismiss religious rationales. Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse joined Phyllis on January 15th to arm listeners with some non-religious reasons for limiting marriage licenses to male/female couples.

The first question to ask, said Dr. Morse, is why societies bother to recognize marriages. "The essential public purpose of marriage is to attach mothers and fathers to their children and to one another. That's why you need marriage in the first place. If you take away that essential purpose of marriage, you are left with nothing but a government registry of friendships."

Children deserve to have a relationship with both mother and father, and same-sex marriage necessarily tears them away from one of their natural parents. Same-sex marriage also assumes mothers and fathers are interchangeable, - that having two mothers is as good as having a mother and a father. This is a dangerous assumption made for the convenience of adults, much like the now disproved assertion that children of divorce will be "fine" as long as their parents are happy.

In response to a listener's question about politicians who say conservatives should focus on economic issues and leave the social issues alone, Dr. Morse called that position "very shortsighted." She cited a recent study that estimated taxpayers pay $112B a year for social programs designed to deal with problems caused by family breakdown. "It is not possible to address economic issues without addressing social issues," she said.

You can find a link to order Dr. Morse's pamphlet, 77 Non-Religious Reasons to Support Man/Woman Marriage, at EagleForum.org.

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