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Coming Up In November . . .
Nov. 5 
Marcello Pera — Can Democracy Survive Without Christianity? 
Secular liberals insist that America is better off without religion. But a European leader warns that democracy can't survive without Christian foundations.

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Nov. 12 
Burt Folsom, Jr. — FDR Goes to War 
Franklin Roosevelt is hailed by many as a great wartime leader. But a respected historian reveals a president who was reckless with both America's economy and defense.

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Nov. 19 
Mitch Pearlstein — From Family Collapse to America's Decline 
Can one issue be largely responsible for America's social, educational and economic problems? Our guest says broken families are a major reason America is in decline.

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Nov. 26 
Roger Schlafly — How Einstein Ruined Physics 
Albert Einstein is considered the greatest genius who ever lived, but our guest says Einstein actually ruined physics. He'll tell us why modern physicists are foolish to follow Einstein's example.

How Einstein Ruined Physics

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America's Marriage Absence Problem

Social problems caused by the decline of marriage cost taxpayers almost a trillion dollars last year, and the problem is only getting worse. On October 22nd, Phyllis talked to experts gathered at a conference in St. Louis about how to reverse the trend.

Conference organizer David Usher agreed with Phyllis that neither liberal nor conservative politicians have been willing to state the obvious fact that many of our national social and budgetary problems are the result of illegitimate births, cohabitation and divorce. Usher coined the term "marriage absence" to include all of those situations and explained that the goal of the Center for Marriage Policy is to offer effective policy solutions.

Former Missouri state legislator Cynthia Davis noted that government policies have contributed to family breakdown by subsidizing out-of-wedlock births, making divorce too easy, and financially penalizing married couples. Allen Icet, former chairman of the Missouri House Budget Committee, said it is problematic that states tend to focus on the budgetary impact of welfare programs for unmarried mothers without dealing with the root causes.

Of course the problem goes beyond budget issues to real women, men and children with broken hearts and lives. Conference speaker Mike McManus, co-chair of Marriage Savers, works with churches in 44 states to put a "safety net" under marriages. His organization has witnessed an 18% drop in divorce in cities where pastors institute a Community Marriage Policy that requires engaged couples to identify problem areas and address them prior to the wedding. Churches can also help married couples keep love alive by sponsoring 10 Great Dates, a series that gets couples talking about important issues. McManus invited listeners to visit www.MarriageSavers.org to learn more.

Listen to the archived broadcast at EagleForum.org to hear more from Phyllis and her guests about the marriage absence problem and how you can help support marriages in your community.

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