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Coming Up In October . . . 
Oct. 1 
J.R. Dunn — Death by Liberalism 
Did you know that more Americans have been killed by liberal government policies than by all the wars of the last century combined? Our guest will give us the facts.

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Oct. 8 
Marybeth Hicks — How The Left Created a Generation of Socialists 
Has the radical Left successfully indoctrinated the next generation of Americans into socialism? Polls tell us that the answer is yes, but it's not too late to turn the tide.

Family Events

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Oct. 15 
Mark Steyn — After America 
The decline of America into European socialism is both sad and serious, but guest Mark Steyn still manages to leave us laughing. He'll also offer a bit of serious advice.

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Oct. 22 
Live from the Marriage Policy Conference — Social and Economic Results of Marriage Absence 
Social problems caused by non-marriage cost taxpayers almost a trillion dollars last year. We'll talk with experts about how we can reverse the trend.

The Center for Marriage Policy

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Oct. 29 
Jim Payne — Six Political Illusions 
81% of Americans are dissatisfied with government, yet many of them keep looking to government to solve their problems. Our guest says he can explain this contradiction.

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Stealth Tactics of Radical Islamists

A former Muslim joined Phyllis on September 24th to warn us about the stealth tactics radical Muslims are using right now to remake America in the image of Islam.

Mano Bakh explained that many Muslims who come to America have no intention of assimilating into our culture, but are devoted to Allah and to Islamic ideology, including Shariah law. Shariah covers every aspect of life, including business transactions, marriage, divorce, diet, freedom of speech, how women and children are treated by men, slavery, and civil and international law.

Muslims have successfully persuaded some American judges to allow their court cases to be decided based upon Shariah law instead of U.S. law. In some instances, these judges permitted three to five imams to make a binding ruling on the case before them, effectively turning the authority of our judicial system over to Muslim religious leaders. Bakh invited listeners to visit ShariahInAmericanCourts.com to see more than 50 cases from 23 states where Muslim women and children were denied equal protection and due process under American law in favor of archaic (and often barbaric) Shariah laws.

Bakh also revealed another tactic Muslims are using to Islamize America: Saudi Arabia alone has spent more than $2 billion on a public relations campaign. Much of this money was spent to infiltrate our universities and public schools with pro-Islamic curricula meant to persuade American youth that Islam is a noble and peaceful religion.

Listen to the archived broadcast at EagleForum.org to learn more and to find a link to Mano Bakh's memoir, From Terror to Freedom.

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