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How Feminists Use Government to Punish Men

Feminists have always been driven by the belief that women are the victims of oppressive men, and they want to punish men by whatever means possible. Unfortunately, our government has often been a willing accomplice. Phyllis spoke with noted scholar and author Christina Hoff Sommers on the March 10th edition of Eagle Forum Live about some recent examples of government helping feminists carry out their goals.

The Centers for Disease Control, with some pressure from the White House Council for Women and Girls, recently released a study in which they make it seem as though the U.S. has sexual violence at the levels of places like the Congo or Uganda. Dr. Sommers said that feminists have long developed misleading and fraudulent studies and statistics to advance their cause. She said it would be useful to have accurate information and statistics about women, but instead, "What we have is a body of egregiously false information, because it's produced by activists who have a huge investment in proving women's victim status."

Dr. Sommers also noted that in April 2011 the Department of Education's Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights sent a directive to all universities and colleges instructing them to effectively violate the Constitutional due process rights of young men accused of sexual violence on campus. Instead of using normal legal standards requiring guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, colleges must now find a young man guilty if they believe there is a mere 51% likelihood that he is guilty. The campus tribunals deciding the guilt or innocence of these men are typically made up of faculty, staff and students who have no legal training on obtaining or evaluating evidence. These new regulations make it entirely possible to destroy the academic and perhaps even career aspirations of innocent young men, even if they are never charged by police or found guilty in a real court of law.

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