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Coming Up In August . . .
Aug. 4 
Robert Sirico — The Moral Case For Capitalism 
Liberals accuse capitalists of being greedy and selfish. A former colleague of Jane Fonda will explain why capitalism is actually the best way to create a free and virtuous society.

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Aug. 11 
Jay Cost — The Corruption of the Once Noble Democrat Party 
Did you know the Democrat Party was actually founded to shrink government? Our guest will explain how the Party became a collection of groups that feed off the government instead.

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Aug. 18 
No Higher Power George Neumayr — Obama's War on Religious Freedom 
Our national motto may be "In God We Trust," but liberals want America to be a secular nation. Find out how President Obama is waging war on religious freedom.

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Aug. 25 
Michael Matheson Miller — The Poverty Cure  
As Christians, we are called to loving and generous care for the poor. But what if we've been going about it the wrong way? We'll hear some fresh ideas from the Poverty Cure group.

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Barack Obama's War on America

The first official act of every American President is to swear to uphold and defend the Constitution and laws of our land. While other presidents have fallen short, author and attorney David Limbaugh argues that Barack Obama is arguably the most lawless, anti-American president in our nation's history. On July 28th, Phyllis spoke with Limbaugh about his new book, The Great Destroyer, which spells out Barack Obama's war against America on a breathtaking range of policy areas.

Limbaugh said Obama is living up to his promise to "fundamentally change" America by expanding the dependency class, discouraging work, and punishing success. He noted that Obama has deliberately expanded the food stamp program by incentivizing states to increase their food stamp rolls and has extended unemployment payments. Obama even made the ridiculous claim that extending unemployment benefits would create more jobs than establishing the Keystone oil pipeline.

When Phyllis asked what he would say to conservatives who are less than excited about Mitt Romney, Limbaugh said, "If we re-elect Obama, we are committing national suicide." Though Romney is far from a conservative's ideal nominee, Limbaugh said there is no comparison between him and a president who is "hell bent on bankrupting America with his opposition to entitlement reform and his refusal to curb discretionary spending, not to mention destroying our energy resources and military preparedness." If Obama is already acting like a lawless radical Socialist when he faces reelection, what will he do if he is reelected, asked Limbaugh.

You can hear more of Phyllis and David Limbaugh's conversation, along with listener questions and comments at EagleForum.org.

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