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Coming Up In December . . .
Dec. 1 
Brion McClanahan — American Heroes & Frauds 
Are you concerned that your kid's heroes are all pop artists, athletes and reality TV stars? A historian will share fun facts about genuine heroes who made America great.

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Dec. 8 
Kate Tulenko — Why Importing Foreign Doctors and Nurses Is a Bad Idea 
Despite a real unemployment rate of near 15%, American hospitals are actively recruiting foreign doctors and nurses. We'll find out why and what it means for quality of care.

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Dec. 15 
Don Critchlow — The Radicalization Of Liberalism 
How did Barack Obama and others who want to radically transform America hijack your grandfather's Democrat party? A historian has answers.

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Dec. 22 
Bill Federer — Christmas Facts and Folklore 
Ever wonder why we decorate trees or give gifts to celebrate Christmas? A historian will explain the origins of Santa Claus and many other Christmas traditions.

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Dec. 29 
Vishal Mangalwadi — How The Bible Shaped The Soul of Western Civilization 
You already know the Bible holds the core tenets of the Christian faith. We'll hear how biblical principles also formed the soul of Western science, politics, education and more.

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Environmental groups spend millions on ad campaigns to convince us that the world is collapsing under the weight of human activity. On November 24th, Phyllis's guest explained their real agenda and exposed the devastating effects of the environmental movement on property rights, our economy, and even the ecosystems they claim to protect.

Investigative reporter Elizabeth Nickson learned the hard way that environmental zealots have taken over government agencies at the local, state and federal levels when she wanted to subdivide her 28 acres and build a second house. That long and expensive fight led her to investigate and expose the enormously destructive impact of environmental radicals on ordinary people and communities all across North America.

Nationwide, 850 million acres — almost half of U.S. land area-has been locked up by our government or conservation groups. This means that land has been declared off-limits to human activity and basically lies dormant. Rural inhabitants have been hit hardest. More than 40 million farmers and ranchers have been displaced from their land and no longer raise cattle or crops for our nation.

In the meantime ranges are dying because they need clovenhooved animals to stay healthy. What about the forests Bill Clinton locked down in 1993, ostensibly to protect the spotted owl? The Forest Service's own studies estimate that between 90-200 million acres are set to go up in a blaze that will damage the soil to the point that wildlife will never come back.

You can listen to the archived broadcast at EagleForum.org to learn more about how our government and radical conservationists are destroying both property rights and our natural resources. You can also find a link to buy Nickson's excellent book, Eco-Fascists.

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