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Coming Up In June . . .
June 2 
Steven Hayward — Presidential Report Card: From Wilson to Obama 
American voters grade our presidents on many things: values, economic policy, likeability, etc. But do we remember to grade them on how well they keep their oath to uphold the Constitution?

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June 9 
John Ellis — Reclaiming Our Universities From The Radicals 
It's common knowledge that many of our universities have been overrun by radical professors intent on indoctrinating their students. We'll hear about what one group is doing to try to change that.

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June 16 
William Voegeli — America's Limitless Welfare State 
The U.S. spends 50% more on welfare now than we did when Bill Clinton promised to "end welfare as we know it." So just how much welfare spending will it take to satisfy liberals? Our guest says he knows the answer.

*Source: Robert Rector testimony before the Committee on the Budget, U.S. House of Representatives, May 3, 2012

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June 23 
Katie Pavlich — The Truth About Operation Fast & Furious 
The corrupt officials, drug lords, and murder behind the Fast & Furious Operation would make a great crime novel. But this scandal isn't fiction, and it's bigger than Watergate and Iran-Contra. Join us to find out why.

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June 30 
Christopher Conover — American Healthcare and the ObamaCare Court Decision 
The Supreme Court's decision on ObamaCare is expected soon. We'll talk with an expert about the ongoing healthcare debate and what the Court's decision means for you and me.

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Despite all we hear about private schools and home schooling, 89% of American children attend public schools. Nonetheless, few parents realize what really goes on in these classrooms. On May 12th, Phyllis spoke with Colonel E. Ray Moore, the executive director of a new documentary called IndoctriNation, about how public schools are impacting our kids and our country. The film follows a father of seven and his family as they travel across America in an old school bus to interview students, teachers and school administrators.

Colonel Moore said the film's title reflects the reality that "the Left, the Humanists, the secularists, the homosexual movement, you name it — every group has got its hooks in our public schools and in our children except traditional values and Christianity. That's the one faith that is persona non grata." He is persuaded that Christian parents should pull their kids out of public schools, but acknowledged that there is a vigorous debate about the issue among Christians of good will.

A primary question the film sets out to answer is whether Christian kids should remain in public schools in order to be salt and light. This is the primary reason believing parents cite for keeping kids in public schools. In response, Moore noted that research shows that 80% of evangelical kids who remain in public schools adopt a secular humanist or Marxist worldview and that most of those kids leave the church shortly after high school. Phyllis said that the "idea of asking some 4th-grader to stand up to her teacher and be salt and light is just nuts." She added that she could not have stood up to her teachers in the 4th grade, or even the 10th grade.

Visit the radio archives page on eagleforum.org to hear more, including comments from callers who disagreed with Colonel Moore and Phyllis. You can also find out more about the documentary, which Phyllis highly recommends, by clicking on the radio tab at the www.EagleForum.org.

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