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Coming Up In March . . .
Mar. 3 
John Fonte — Sovereignty or Submission 
America's leading elites want us to be global citizens, living under laws determined by global elites. Will Americans rule themselves or be ruled by others? We'll talk about it.

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Mar. 10 
Christina Hoff Sommers — Government Aids Feminist Attacks on Men 
Feminists are still determined to make men pay, and the federal government is a willing accomplice. A recent government survey is one example of how feminists distort the facts to further their anti-male agenda.

Faulty Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Study Adopts Feminist Ideology

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Mar. 17 
Eric Metaxas — Great Thinkers on Life's Big Questions 
Modern demands typically keep us too busy and distracted to make time for the big questions of life. Join us for a serious yet fun conversation about life, God and other small topics.

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Mar. 24 
Janine Hansen — Why The National Popular Vote is a Bad Idea 
Did you know there is a sneaky national campaign underway to legally steal your state's 2012 presidential vote? Join us to find out why the National Popular Vote is a very bad idea.

Save Our States Campaign

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Mar. 31 
Guy Rodgers — Islam in American Textbooks 
School children need to learn about Sept. 11th and ongoing terrorist threats from radical Muslims. But you'll be shocked to find out what textbooks are teaching about Islam.

ACT for America

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Impact of the Evangelical Vote

The mainstream media tends to caricature evangelicals as a bloc of simple-minded voters who are easily commanded by their religious leaders. But the primaries are proving evangelicals are a sophisticated bunch who are split in their choice of a Republican nominee. Phyllis's daughter Anne Cori hosted guest Tim Goeglein on the February 18th edition of Eagle Forum Live in a discussion about the impact of evangelical voters on the 2012 presidential primary and election. Mr. Goeglein spent nearly eight years as the liaison between President George W. Bush and religious conservatives and is currently with Focus on the Family.

Goeglein believes that evangelicals and serious Mass-attending Catholics have come to comprise the most important base of the contemporary Republican party, and that they have significant influence in how the party selects its presidential nominee.

He noted that polls indicate that jobs and the economy are the issues religious conservatives say are most important to them. Yet, Goeglein said, that doesn't mean that these voters no longer care about social issues. He is convinced religious conservatives still care very much whether a candidate shares their worldview on issues such as the right to life, marriage, and religious liberty. For example, the recent Obama mandate that religious institutions must provide abortions, sterilizations and abortifacients as part of their health care plans has stirred up many voters, and not just Catholics. Most people of faith, said Goeglein, understand this fight is not about contraception, but about the first amendment right to practice their religious faith freely, without government interference.

Visit the radio archives page on eagleforum.org to hear more of Tim Goeglein's thoughts about the impact social conservatives will have on the 2012 elections and to hear his responses to listener questions and comments. You can also find a link to Tim's book, The Man in the Middle: An Inside Account of Faith and Politics in the George W. Bush Era.

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