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May 5 
Sally Fallon Morell — Challenging the Diet Dictocrats 
Many of our national health problems including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease are the result of poor eating habits. But whose advice on healthy eating should you trust? We'll talk about it.

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May 12 
E. Ray Moore — Education or Indoctrination? 
Should Christians try to be "salt and light" in the public schools? Or are schools so toxic they can't be fixed? Our guest will share what some Christian teachers, principals, and students think about their own public schools.

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May 19 
Brian Sussman — Eco-Tyranny 
America has more energy resources than Saudi Arabia. So why do we have an energy policy that leaves America dependent on nations that hate us? Our guest will explain what really drives the radical "green" movement.

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May 26 
Thomas Sowell — How Intellectual Elites Hurt the Rest of Us 
Some intellectuals see themselves as specially equipped to solve all of society's problems. But economist Thomas Sowell believes they have actually made the world a more dangerous place. Join us to find out why.

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Bowing to Beijing

Politicians and pundits have told us for decades that free trade with Communist China is good for our economy, and that it will move China towards more political and economic freedom. Are they right? Phyllis spoke with Brett Decker, co-author of Bowing to Beijing, on the April 28th edition of Eagle Forum Live to find out.

According to Decker, America's easygoing trade policy and ravenous appetite for cheap goods have "sent a signal to the Communist Party that they don't have to change" their authoritarian ways. There is a miniscule new "middle-class" in China, but they too are under the thumb of the government. "People think all these new rich people in China are eventually going to push for new liberties and freedoms, but they won't, because the Communist Party is the guarantor of their new wealth," explained Decker.

American companies contribute to the problem as they continue to chase fool's gold in China, lured by the potential 1.3 billion new customers. But China's middle class is only around 100 to 300 million strong, and many of those families only make $114 a month. Still, American companies build factories in China and train Chinese workers to run them, only to have their patents, trade secrets and sometimes even their equipment and computers stolen by the Communist government.

China's leaders are using much of the money pouring in from America to grow their military, and they now have almost a million more troops in uniform than we do. They are also rapidly developing high-tech weapon systems, often using technology their spies have stolen from America. In fact, more than 60 Americans, many of whom had access to military or industrial secrets, have been prosecuted for spying for China. In addition, officials estimate the number of Chinese spies working for U.S. companies and our government could easily be in the thousands.

Visit the radio archives page on eagleforum.org to hear more about China, including facts about their barbaric black market for human organs and other human rights abuses.

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