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Coming Up In August . . .
August 3 
Mike S. Adams — Rescuing Young Minds from College Brainwashing 
Many parents sacrifice to send children to college, only to have their kids reject their faith and adopt leftwing political views. A former liberal professor offers help to stop the brainwashing.

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August 10 
Jerome Corsi — The Inside Story of Romney's 2012 Loss 
High unemployment and a dismal economy should have led to a solid Republican win in 2012. We'll talk about why Romney's loss is a wake-up call for establishment Republicans.

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August 17 
Gretchen Logue — Big Brother Mining Data on You and Your Kids 
How would you feel about your child's school collecting data on your family's voting status, religious affiliation and income? It's already in the works. Join us to find out more.

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August 24 
Diana West — American Betrayal 
Cold War documents reveal that our politicians, including presidents, lied to Americans about the Communist threat and silenced truth-tellers. Is history repeating itself with radical Islam?

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August 31 
Christina Hoff Sommers — DOJ Tramples Free Speech & Due Process on Campus
Could asking a young woman out for a date be considered sexual harassment on college campuses? Our government says yes, and is forcing schools to punish men without due process.

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What You Need to Know About ObamaCare

Most of the Obama healthcare law's worst provisions take effect in January 2014, yet Americans still have only a faint idea of hits their healthcare and pocketbooks are about to take. On July 13th, Phyllis spoke with one of the nation's top experts, Betsy McCaughey, about what to expect.

Beginning in 2014, every American must provide proof to the IRS that they have purchased a one-size-fits-all, government-designed health insurance plan. Those with limited incomes will either receive a subsidy or be dumped into Medicaid. McCaughey explained that even people who have private insurance through companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield will still have government controlling aspects of their healthcare. That is because Section 1311 of ObamaCare says the Secretary of Health and Human Services can issue any kind of regulation in the name of "healthcare quality," in effect dictating how doctors treat privately insured patients. If doctors and hospitals don't comply, the insurance companies are prohibited from paying them.

Seniors will bear the brunt of the law, said McCaughey, because major cuts in Medicare funding will pay for about half of the cost of ObamaCare each year. Hospitals are already cutting back on nursing care to get ready for the $247 billion loss in Medicare patient reimbursement they will receive over the next decade, and it will become more and more difficult to find doctors willing to take Medicare. As if that weren't bad enough, Section 3000a of ObamaCare actually awards bonus points to hospitals that spend the least per senior patient.

You can hear more of this very informative conversation, including McCaughey's suggestions for surviving ObamaCare, by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org. The website also includes a link to McCaughey's book, Beating ObamaCare: Your Handbook for Surviving the New Health Care Law.

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