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Coming Up In May . . .
May 4 
Steve Goreham — Climate Change Mania 
The climate prophets of doom insist we make radical changes to reverse global warming. Does science support man-made global warming? Or does global warming support a political agenda? We'll talk to an expert.

The Mad, Mad, Mad World of Climatism

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May 11 
Benjamin Wiker — Worshipping the State 
Secular liberals say they want to replace Christianity with a neutral public square where people of any or no faith are equally at home. Our guest says we shouldn't be fooled — the real goal is to have us worship the state.

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May 18 
Kevin Williamson — Could Going Broke Leave America Better Off? 
You know the bad news — our government is bloated, inefficient, and going broke. But could the wheels coming off of government actually be good for America? Tune in to find out why our guest says yes.

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May 25 
Andrew Smith — How Public Policy Has Crippled American Manufacturing 
It's easy to blame globalization and cheap overseas labor for the loss of American manufacturing strength. But our guest says it's our own public policies that are crippling manufacturing, and he'll explain how to fix them.

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The American Civil Liberties
Union's War on Christianity

The American Civil Liberties Union wants us to believe they exist to defend our civil rights. In reality, the ACLU's goal is to push God out of public life. Phyllis spoke with Dr. Jerome Corsi on April 13th to get the facts about the ACLU's history, financing, and godless legal agenda. Dr. Corsi is the author of Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square.

Corsi explained that ACLU founder Roger Baldwin was a communist and radical atheist, though he was very clever about marketing the ACLU. He wanted to present the group as a democratic organization protecting civil liberties, even though his express purpose was to attack the civil liberties of religious people.

Phyllis commented that the ACLU's many cases protesting public prayer and religious displays have succeeded in getting the courts to redefine the meaning of the first amendment. Corsi agreed, saying that the Founding Fathers' intention that Americans have "freedom of religion" has been reinterpreted to mean "freedom from religion" in the public square.

For example, said Corsi, the ACLU "has been rabid" about keeping any mention of God out of public schools. No one is immune from attack, not the high school coach who prays before a game, the teacher who keeps a Bible on her desk, or even the 1st-grader who brings a valentine to school that says "Jesus loves me." Visit the radio archive page on eagleforum.org to hear more, including details about the ACLU's increasingly bold attacks on marriage, family, churches, and religious charitable groups.

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