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Coming Up In November . . .
November 2 
Jay Richards — Infiltrated: Exploiting the Financial Crisis 
Who is responsible for the current financial crisis? Who is exploiting it to control our lives and finances? And how can we prevent further meltdown? A philosopher economist weighs in.

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November 9 
Wesley Smith — A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy: At What Cost? 
We agree that they deserve respect and humane care. But some contend that animals deserve rights. Join us for a discussion on the consequences of granting rights to animals.

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November 16 
Jayson Lusk — The Food Police: On Government and Your Food 
The food police are on the move: ban trans-fats, stop happy meals, and halve the soda servings! The food fascists are turning into a socialist nightmare, but they do not know best.

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November 23 
Donald Devine — Reclaiming Freedom, Tradition, and Constitution 
Do libertarian ideals contrast with conservative ones? Reagan and his advisors didn't think so. Our guest explains why the union of freedom and tradition can be a happy one.

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November 30 
Joanne Lipman — The Gift of Great Expectations 
Does unearned praise do more harm for students than good? Our guest argues that grit is a better indicator of success than test scores, and a little pain could be a good thing after all.

Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results

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Deadly Consequences: Women in Combat

In January of 2013, the Obama Administration announced its intentions to lift the military's long-standing policy against women in direct combat. On October 26th, Phyllis Schlafly interviewed Lt. Colonel Robert Maginnis, a Pentagon insider, about the implications of this decision for women, the military, and our national security.

In his new book Deadly Consequences: How Cowards are Pushing Women into Combat, Lt. Colonel Maginnis argues that placing women in ground combat contradicts science, physiology, common sense, and military history. The Presidential Commission found that in the Army, women on average have 37 pounds less muscle mass and half the upper body strength of their male counterparts.

To avoid these realities, gender-norming is becoming standard in America's military. Gender-norming scores female soldiers less stringently than males, judging more on effort and less on performance. This results in women achieving identical fitness ratings to men without being required to master identical physical challenges. Sexual harassment is also a concern: just when the military is experiencing an alarming increase in sexual harassment, it is bizarre to imagine that further gender integration in high-stress combat scenarios will not make women increasingly vulnerable.

Maginnis compares the situation to football: how would an NFL team feel if women were forced to face their 300-pound opponents? While both Israel and Canada claim to have women in combat, in reality these women are shielded from direct elite ground combat by placement in administrative capacities. What kind of society sends its young women into violent ground combat?

Maginnis praises the tradition of women in the military and encourages celebration of women's unique contributions. He points out, however, that combat should harness the natural aggression of young men toward positive purposes, not leave them conflicted or distracted by a desire to protect the women serving with them.

Learn more about the consequences of women in combat by visiting eagleforum.org/radio

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