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Coming Up In August . . .
Aug. 2 
Nick Adams — American Boomerang: How To Make A Comeback 
America has reached a tipping point. Is greatness on the horizon, or are we descending into the archives of history? Today's guest insists that America is the ultimate comeback kid!

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Aug. 9 
Jim Daly — Becoming the Father You Were Meant To Be  
His first father was an alcoholic, the second deserted him, and his third father figure rejected him. The president of Focus on the Family joins us for a candid conversation about fatherhood.

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Aug. 16 
Phyllis Schlafly — 25 Years of Eagle Forum Live  
Eagle Forum Live celebrates 25 years this summer! As we round the quarter-century mark this month, we'll turn the tables on our host Phyllis Schlafly to celebrate and reminisce.

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Aug. 23 
Caroline Glick — Peace in the Middle East: One-State Solution? 
Is a Palestinian state the solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict? Our guest, reporting from Jerusalem, says, 'been there done that!' and suggests an alternative: the one-state solution.

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Aug. 30 
John Stonestreet — Giving Marriage Back to the World 
Same-sex marriage is here. What now? Tune in as Christian apologist John Stonestreet offers suggestions for the long haul and challenges us to share the gift of marriage with the world.

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Blue Collar Conservatives

Republicans talk a lot about 'job creators.' But is anyone looking out for blue-collar voters? In July, former Senator Rick Santorum joined Anne Cori on air to discuss his new book, 21st century American politics, and the future of the American dream.

Since his failed 2012 Presidential run, the former Senator from Pennsylvania has continued to outline the ideas that inspired him to run in the first place. According to Santorum, blue-collar workers used to be the "social, economic, and spiritual bedrock of America," and both political parties treated them like it. Now, hard-working everyday Americans don't feel much respect — or get much attention — from either political party.

Can conservatives win their hearts again? Santorum says yes. After all, any American dream that leaves out American workers — America's backbone — would be an American nightmare. The answers that American job-holders want will come in conservative packages, Santorum argues. Healthy families and vibrant communities are the core building blocks of a resilient economy.

Santorum also encouraged Americans to rethink the funds being poured indiscriminately into higher education. A college degree is not required — or even desirable — for all Americans, and 70% of Americans do not have one.

"We are having trouble finding skilled laborers to do some of the jobs that are necessary," Santorum pointed out. "We've pulled vocational education out of our schools: we've abandoned the vocational track. This generation of millennials is the first generation in world history who can't use tools. If something breaks, you throw it away and you get a new one. The idea of using your hands is something we need to elevate again."

If Republicans can't appeal to blue collar voters, Santorum warned, they will never win the White House again — and they won't deserve to. His new book is titled Blue Collar Conservatives: Recommitting to an America that Works.

You can catch the entire conversation between Anne Cori and Rick Santorum by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org.

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