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February 1 
Terrence Moore — The Story Killers: Common Core and the American Soul 
Every great nation is built on great stories. When education is only about standards and tests, what happens to the heroic narratives that build society? Join us for a look at education and the soul of a child.

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February 8 
Fred Siegel — Betrayal of the Middle Class: Liberalism's Curse  
What is liberalism about? Has the face changed over the last century? And what has liberalism done to the public sector? Tune in to learn how liberalism has undermined the middle class.

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February 15 
Ryan Anderson — What is Marriage? A Defense of Love 
Until recently, no one ever thought of marriage as anything but a male/female couple. That has changed. But what IS marriage? We'll discuss love, commitment, and the meaning of marriage.

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February 22 
Beverly Eakman — Push Back: Taking a Stand Against Manipulators 
Have you ever been treated like a troublemaker simply for asking a question? Has someone in power ever tried to make you feel stupid? Join us for the tools you need to fight back.

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Marriage in America: Where is Lifelong Love?

Loving matrimony was made for real life, not for fairy tales. Can marriage — the lifelong partnership of man & woman — survive the current onslaught? To launch a new year of Eagle Forum radio, marriage and family scholar Dr. Jennifer Morse joined Phyllis Schlafly on Eagle Forum Live to discuss.

Marriage was once considered an intimate, nourishing foundation of society: now, marriage looks more like a political football. What is happening to lifelong love? "People do still dream of getting married and staying married for a lifetime," Dr. Morse confirmed. "The dream is in fact still alive. In every human heart is a desire to love and be loved, and marriage is the best place for doing that."

And yet, from liberal courts to each American living room, the sanctity of marriage continues to be attacked. A recent policy in California allows courts to legally declare 3 parents for a child: a sperm donor and 2 lesbian partners, for example. This unwarranted blow to the natural family gives unprecedented jurisdiction to family courts, which have already inserted the force of law into intimate decisions about children's schools, time, and even clothing.

Dr. Morse described the current attacks on gender distinction as stemming from a resentment of the human body, biological realities of life, and the differences between men and women. "They think they have a cosmic duty to rectify a great cosmic injustice," she explained of advocates for genderless marriage. "The fact that it's impossible doesn't slow them down in the slightest."

Dr. Morse has devoted her life to 'making marriage cool again,' and founded The Ruth Institute to promote lifelong married love to college students. "We need to take responsibility for the crazy things that have already happened due to the sexual revolution," Dr. Morse urged. "There are so many people out there who have been wounded by the sexual revolution." Phyllis Schlafly and Dr. Morse continued with a conversation about the healing of the family. "Everybody who has been victimized has also been silenced. Speak the truth in love. We have to stop being so intimidated."

You can listen to the entire conversation between Phyllis Schlafly and Dr. Morse by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org.

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