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Phyllis Schlafly
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Coming Up In June . . .
June 7 
Shaunti Feldhahn — The Good News About Marriage 
Do half of all marriages really end in divorce? Researcher Shaunti Feldhahn says NO! Don't let discouraging urban legends hurt your relationships: join us for some good news about marriage.

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June 14 
Jay Payleitner — 52 Things Kids Need From Their Dad  
All good fathers invest in their children. But where the rubber meets the road, what do children really NEED from their father? This Father's Day, our guest will offer straightforward encouragement for Dads.

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June 21 
David Gumpert — Food Rights: Who Decides What We Eat 
Do you have a right to buy and eat the food you want? On this week's show, we'll take a journey from Amish country to American factories to explore the government's disturbing power over the food we eat.

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June 28 
Richard Viguerie — The Soul of the GOP: How Conservatives Can Win 
Fifty years ago, conservatives rallied and began to take back the Republican Party from big government elites. It's been a long fight — can conservatives win the war for the soul of the GOP?

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The Truth About Western Civilization

Forty years ago, 'Western Civilization' was one of the most popular courses on American college campuses. Today, these classes are an endangered species in America. Why? It seems there are secrets about the rise of the West that some people would rather we didn't know.

In truth, Western Civilization has much to be proud of. It outlawed slavery. It gave birth to science, democracy, and astonishing new technologies. What inspired all this? On Eagle Forum Live in May, Dr. Rodney Stark, author of How the West Won: The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity, debunked common myths about the rise of the West.

Dr. Stark pointed out that most of the world's civilizations have lusted after wealth by conquest. Chinese mandarins even grew their fingernails as long as they could to make it clear that they did not work. Christianity, however, teaches that work is virtuous. How curious, that the Judeo-Christian cultures that valued work became the wealthiest cultures in history. Economist Adam Smith called 18th century Britain "a nation of shopkeepers." Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, most people were dirt-poor peasants, ruled by oppressive dictators.

Eastern civilizations had no lack of natural resources and ingenuity. In the 10th century, the iron industry began to develop in northern China and China was on the verge of an industrial revolution. But Mandarins in the imperial court realized that peasants were becoming wealthy off the new industry, declared a monopoly on iron and seized the foundries. So it was unsurprising that in 1900, peasants in China were still using the same tools they had been using for the last 3,000 years.

Other civilizations rejected new technologies because they preferred to have slaves do all the work. Rome, for example, imported slaves from the nations they conquered: so many, in fact, that the slaves' free labor ultimately forced the independent farming middle class to turn to welfare for survival.

There is no need to be embarrassed about the rise of Western Civilization. The ideas that built the West are worth studying — we need these same tools to build culture today. You can listen to the entire conversation between Phyllis Schlafly and Dr. Rodney Stark by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org.

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