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Phyllis Schlafly
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Coming Up In September . . .
Sept. 6 
Frank Granett — Overmedication: The American Epidemic 
Why are so many children on drugs, and who is to blame? You can help your child develop a healthy, focused mind: join us as we discuss risk factors, behavioral health, and over-medication.

Coalition Against Overmedicating Our Youth

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Sept. 13 
Joy Pullmann — Our Children Are Not Common  
American moms and dads everywhere have risen against Common Core, the latest federal education scheme. Are we winning? Don't miss this update from the front lines of the education debate.

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Sept. 20 
Cleta Mitchell — Injustice and Taxes: Abuse at the IRS  
Why did the IRS target conservatives? Is the abuse ongoing? The attorney who exposed large-scale injustice at America's tax agency returns, with an update from Washington on the IRS scandals.

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Sept. 27 
Melanie Kirkpatrick — Asia's Underground Railroad 
Leaving North Korea is a crime, but freedom-hungry North Koreans are finding a way on the new underground railroad. Join us to hear their stories of escape from communism.

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25 Years & Counting!

The big news at Eagle Forum Live this past month was a milestone: our 25th anniversary of broadcasting! Eagle Forum Live launched on the Bott Radio Network on August 6, 1989. Also in August of this year, Phyllis Schlafly celebrated her 90th birthday.

In a special anniversary broadcast, Anne Cori turned the tables on Phyllis Schlafly to interview her about her life and career. Phyllis has been a national leader of the conservative movement since the publication of her bestselling 1964 book, A Choice Not an Echo, which exposed backroom politics and made a powerful case for free elections and a freer America. Phyllis launched Eagle Forum, a national volunteer organization, in 1972, thus becoming a founder of what came to be known as the pro-family movement.

Phyllis Schlafly is most famous as an articulate and successful opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment and radical feminists. She is perhaps America's best-known spokesperson for the dignity of the homemaker. Phyllis argues that raising children and managing a home is one of the most rewarding things a woman can do — and she still fights tirelessly against those who demean marriage and motherhood. In her personal life, she put those principles into practice as a wife and as the mother of six children.

Phyllis still serves as the main host of Eagle Forum Live, and is a lawyer and the author of 22 books. She is widely considered one of the most influential women of the 20th century. Phyllis' 3-minute daily radio commentaries are heard on more than 600 radio stations around the country.

Since its inception, Eagle Forum Live has aired more than 1,300 shows. It is heard on more than 110 radio stations, as well as worldwide from our website. On this special anniversary, we thank you for listening and invite you to join us in celebrating Phyllis' valiance and the impact her articulate and brilliant activism has made on American life.

You can find the entire anniversary broadcast between Anne Cori and Phyllis Schlafly by visiting the radio archives page at EagleForum.org.

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