Common Core

Common Core


Orlean Koehle books:

Orlean Koehle books



  • Terrence Moore — The Story Killers: Common Core and the American Soul Every great nation is built on great stories. When education is only about standards and tests, what happens to the heroic narratives that build society? Join us for a look at education and the soul of a child. 2-01-14 Listen now:
  • Anne Gassel — Common Core: Where is American Education Headed? Not so long ago, there was ‘No Child Left Behind.’ Today there’s Common Core. What is it, what’s in it, and who’s the man behind the curtain? Join us for the untold story. 9-07-13 Listen now:



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On May 11, 2013, the Governor signed the Indiana Common Core bill. This bill requires the State Board to take no further actions to implement any common core standards and calls for the state board, the legislative study committee, and the office of management and budget to conduct “comprehensive evaluations” of the common core standards. In addition, the state board of education is to hold at least three public meetings.