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Truth or Consequences: Gore's Back
By Pat CarlsonJune 20, 2006
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Al Gore is back in the public eye again or to be more accurate at the movies. Director Davis Guggenheim has made a documentary of Gore's traveling global warming slide show titled "An Inconvenient Truth." The supposition of the movie is that Americans do not want to be inconvenienced facing the truth about global warming because the "moral imperative to make big changes is inescapable." The truth is Gore wouldn't know the truth if it jumped up and bit him and certainly not about global warming.

The movie is one scene after another of Gore speaking to groups about global warming with graphs the size of a football field showing rising temperatures. He shows these graphs with little or no explanation of how the information was derived. As he is showing a graph showing the earth's temperature and CO2 levels going back 650,000 years, he jumps on a hydraulic lift to take the graph from present day levels to what he predicts will be the level in 50 years. He takes the line right off the chart never explaining that a computer has made the predictions based on other computer predictions. The audience sighs with anxiety.

In between scenes of graphs, Gore reminisces about his childhood, family tragedies, and even his lost 2000 Presidential race. He says of the loss, "What do you do? You make the best of it." Then he becomes a man on a mission trying to convince the world of the coming disaster. The website for the movie states "Gore proves himself to be one of the most misunderstood characters in modern American public life." He never misses an opportunity to introduce himself as the "former next president."

One of the lies of the movie is that the vast majority of scientists agree with Mr. Gore's predictions and pseudo-science. There are just three claims that have widespread scientific support: The global temperature has risen about a degree since the late 19th century; levels of CO2 in the atmosphere have increased by about 30% over the same period; and CO2 should contribute to future warming. There is not widespread agreement that man's activities using fossils fuels has caused the rise in CO2 levels.

Another half-truth involves the person Gore claims was responsible for his interest in global warming, Dr. Roger Revelle. Dr. Revelle taught Gore at Harvard and did refer to himself as the "grandfather of the greenhouse effect." What Gore fails to say is that Prof. Revelle always advocated the sensible use of the environment for the benefit of human beings and before his death in 1991, he co-authored an article with S. Fred Singer and Chauncy Starr titled "What To Do About Greenhouse Warming: Look Before You Leap." The article recommended that action concerning global warming be delayed insofar as current knowledge was totally inadequate. Gore also quotes from "his friend" Carl Sagan several times in the movie. This is significant because Carl Sagan had a great interest in trying to identify and publicize ways that humanity could destroy itself. In 1991 on Nightline, Carl Sagan predicted that Kuwait oil fires would produce a nuclear winter effect causing a "year without a summer" endangering crops around the world. Of course, this never happened. Also, Carl Sagan was an atheist who believed in UFO's and he admitted to smoking marijuana that he said encouraged his works.

As Gore has traveled all over the world giving his talk, as he says at least 1,000 times, he apparently has developed a strong affection for China. He says that every time he goes to China he learns something new from their scientists. Then he goes so far as to compare China to the US in our environmental laws. He claims "we can't sell our cars in China today because we don't meet the Chinese environmental standards." China doesn't have any environmental standards. China is a third-world country.

When I saw this depressing documentary, I left immediately at its conclusion but the other half dozen people in the theater just sat there in total silence. They apparently believed Gore's predictions that "humanity is sitting on a ticking time bomb and we have just ten years to avert a major catastrophe that could send our entire planet into a tail-spin of epic destruction." I doubt that Gore will be successful in the 2008 Presidential election with such an upbeat message. Maybe there is something positive about this movie after while.