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EXCLUSIVE!November 5, 1999
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UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)  Fifth Session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 5) 
Final Week of the UNFCCC in Review  
Report by Eagle Forum Correspondent Cathie Adams.

BONN, GERMANY, November 5, 1999 -- The UNFCCC COP 5 in Bonn, Germany has concluded. Delegates agreed to accept the scientific consensus that human activities are causing the earth to warm even though science has not proven the emotional claims.

The scientific study group created by the UN, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), is largely responsible for creating the ruse even though they have yet to publish even a glossary for a scientific paper proving the earth is warming. Nonetheless, the IPCC says, "It is not a question of whether the earth's climate will change, but rather when, where and by how much."

The secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Professor Godwin Olu Patrick Obasi admits that "limitations of data, and current levels of scientific knowledge for the detection and attribution of observed climate variability and change constrain the establishment of definite associations between these observed phenomena and human induced climate change to the realms of scientific debate." He adds, "The WMO have identified some serious deficiencies in the global observing systems for climate."

Progress has been made on last year's Buenos Aires Plan of Action that is to lead to entry into force of the Kyoto Protocol. The deadline set for decisions on the Buenos Aires plan is next year in The Hague, The Netherlands at the sixth Conference of the Parties (COP 6).

Executive Secretary Michael Zammit Cutajar says that the Kyoto Protocol must enter into force by 2002. Federal Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schroder, endorsed the timetable and announced an "eco-tax" to raise energy consumption costs. No wonder Germany has one of the highest unemployment rates in the western world!

The UK blocked the EU from opposing nuclear power in the "flexible mechanism" called the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The mechanisms are the manipulations used by the UN to redistribute energy, and therefore, wealth around the globe. (See report #5 for an explanation of the mechanisms.) France produces more than half its energy using non-carbon dioxide producing nuclear energy. Supporters contend that the COP must acknowledge that nuclear energy is absolutely necessary to achieve Kyoto targets by industrial countries.

A minister from Finland, a socialist bastion, said "there is a need to set the framework and rules for market operations." The Kyoto Protocol is "the framework and rules for market operations."

Without mentioning the U.S. or Saudi Arabia directly, the radical environmentalists described their efforts in Bonn: "A conspiracy between those forces who might be embarrassed by this inaction, and those to wish to block all action." The U.S. is accused of inaction because we have not reduced greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, that the green movement contends causes global warming. Saudi Arabia is regarded as obstructionist because it defends its oil production. They were assisted during the conference by Washington lawyers representing U.S. fossil fuel interests which irritated other developing countries. Things could get very interesting on this front at COP 6.

The Chinese minister insulted the U.S. saying, "attempts by some Parties, [the U.S.], to get developing countries to 'meaningfully participate' [President Clinton uses the phrase to entice the U.S. Senate to ratify the Kyoto Protocol in response to their unanimous resolution that it must pertain to EVERY nation, not only 38 countries.] were destroying confidence-building efforts between developing and developed countries." The Chinese are consistent; they demand that the U.S. ignore its human rights abuses and its environment. The saddest part is that we kowtow to their demands!

The minister from Micronesia whose country has everything to gain and nothing to lose concluded that the complex work must "go forward in a different spirit-a spirit of being part of the search for an urgent solution to one of the greatest threats ever confronted by Mankind." Otherwise, he warned, "future generations will ask, 'Why did you not act, while there was still time?'" Get a grip!

Japan proposed the appointment of a "facilitator," appointed by and working on behalf of the Polish COP 5 President Szyszko. His role would be to visit national leaders over the coming year in order to create progress through "political impetus." At the closing press conference, Szyszko and Cutajar refused to reveal their interim agenda.

The U.S. wants "civil society" (radical environmentalist non-governmental organizations) to be involved in workshops at COP 6 on the Kyoto mechanisms and compliance schemes. That was the role the infamous, late Bella Abzug played at the Rio meeting in 1992. Former President Bush signed that treaty which led to the Kyoto Protocol and these continual COP meetings.

While nothing was decided about "sinks," such as trees that remove carbon dioxide from the air, COP 5 decided upon a work plan to start the process for a decision at COP 6. Bureaucrats!

Developing countries are "capacity building" which means they are preparing to accept American technologies and industries as part of the "flexible mechanisms" required in greenhouse gas trading regimes. Rules for how the mechanisms will work was delayed until COP 6.

"A typical intercontinental return flight contributes as much to global warming as a small family in Bangladesh does over a full decade of daily life," complained a representative from the European Union in a discussion about "bunker fuels." In a formal statement, the U.S. agreed "with the common view that emissions from the aviation sector are an important contributor to climate change and that their contribution is likely to grow significantly over time in the absence of policy actions." Expect COP 6 to pick up the debate on emissions of airplanes and develop an "implementation and reporting framework." It is logical that if the UN gains the right to manage EVERY nation's economy by dictating the amount and types of industrial fuels they can use and produce, then they will also want to dictate EVERY citizen's coming and going!

On "compliance," the UN's goal to hold EVERY nation accountable to the Kyoto Protocol, COP 5 delegates decided that a decision SHALL be adopted at COP 6.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) contends, "The role of the churches is to press governments and societies to look seriously at simpler lifestyles and ask what is enough." The WCC is vocal on the environment as God's creation, but is mute about the protection of humans created in the image of God. Their alliance with the UN and its doctrines is consistent with the Biblical prophecies about the one-world religion in the end times.

The COP 6 meeting will occur after the election of a new U.S. president. Global warming and the Kyoto Protocol should become a litmus test for the candidates. If they accept "scientific consensus" of global warming caused by human activity rather than insisting upon scientific evidence, then they do no deserve our support. The Kyoto Protocol's aim is to dictate industrial strength and thereby manage every nation's economy. Since centralization of government leads to "The Road to Serfdom," any politician who supports it should be shown the road back home.