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An Urgent Plea for Prayer for Federal Judges
And Our U. S. Constitution
May 4, 2001

America's annual National Day of Prayer has just passed. The country is now entering one of the most critical periods in its history--the time when the new President, George W. Bush, will start naming his choices to sit on the benches of America's federal courts and will hopefully turn the judiciary in a new direction. For fifty years, federal judges have been devastating the American constitutional system:

  • "Persons" protected by the Constitution have been reduced to mere animals; 
  • the "right to life" has become the "right to death"; 
  • the "right to liberty" has become the "right to licentiousness"; 
  • and constitutional supremacy has been increasingly replaced by judicial supremacy.

In summary, America has become more and more a government of men, not of law. In such perilous times as these, we of Eagle Forum's Court Watch urge you to join us in a Month of National Prayer for Federal Judges and our U. S. Constitution, concluding on May 31, 2001. President Bush has repeatedly expressed his intention to re-shape the federal judiciary into its intended form--an instrument of liberty and justice for all, respectful of, and committed to, the Constitution and its basic values. The powerful and resourceful opposing forces have repeatedly expressed their commitment to keep the Constitution as a document which means only "what the judges say it is." And in the hearings over John Ashcroft's nomination to be Attorney-General, these opponents clearly demonstrated the type of ferocious and bloody warfare they intend to mount against good judicial nominees and any other efforts to reform the runaway federal judiciary.

It is clear that "we wrestle not against flesh and blood," but "against spiritual wickedness in high places." The spiritual weapon of prayer is therefore essential in our deadly struggle. We urge you to join us throughout the month of May as we engage in special prayer for the following:

  • The Personnel of the federal judiciary. This group includes more than 1,700 federal judges plus the thousands of individuals who constitute their staffs. Approximately 2/3 of the judges are to some degree "activist/liberals," and activism/liberalism is responsible for the constitutional crisis described above.

  • The Politicians who have the power to curb the courts, but have failed to do so. Key political leaders in the battle over judges and judicial policy include:

    • President Bush, who nominates federal judges; 
    • Vice President Dick Cheney, who presides over the U. S. Senate, which ratifies or rejects the President's nominees; 
    • The U. S. Senate, where up to half of the current membership may be hostile to efforts to reform the courts; key leaders are Republican Leader Trent Lott, Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, and Democrat leader Tom Daschle. 
    • The U. S. House of Representatives, which is probably more hospitable toward judicial reform and which would be involved in reforms other than judicial appointments; key leaders are Speaker Dennis Hastert, Majority Leader Dick Armey, Majority Whip Tom DeLay, and Minority Leader Dick Gephardt.

  • The People of America who possess the ultimate human political power to ignite judicial reform. Many are uninformed, indifferent, and/or intimidated by the very thought of tackling the seemingly impregnable federal judiciary. Many Americans who are involved in the battle are suffering in a myriad of ways because of their stand for Godly principles. Other Americans are viciously fighting against reform and for the escalation of unjust judging in our land.

The forces arrayed against a Godly constitutional system thus seem to be overwhelming. But may we join together in a time of unprecedented prayer warfare, claiming the promise God made to His people more than twenty-eight hundred years ago and recorded for our encouragement in II Chron. 20:15